Stroud Chess Game

Play Stroud's own free chess game against the computer with three varying levels of difficulty.

The ideal game for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, over 7000 openings and replay ability.

Type: Online flash game

Platforms: PC Windows/Mac

free chess game 95% Play

Great Mate Master

Play Great Mate Master Chess online. Mini Jueogos's little free chess game challenges you to find check mate from thousand's of likely and unlikely positions.

This game is best played by fans of an intermediate standard.

Type: Online flash game

Platforms: PC Windows/Mac

great master chess 82% Play


Play against the computer or a friend in this flash version of draughts. Pit your wits against the computer with three difficulties to choose from so whether you are an amateur or a tactical genius this game will provide you with the challenge

Type: Online flash game

Platforms: PC Windows/Mac

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Brain Games Chess

The premium downloadable chess title. You can play against the computer by choosing 12 levels of difficulty from pea brain to mastermind.

Tutorials to help you learn chess and improve your strategy with over 3000 matches to evaluate.

Type: Downloadable game

Platforms: PC Windows

brain games chess game free 84% Review & Download

Crazy Chess

Unlike the traditional game of chess but still a highly tactical game that requires just about as much brain power.

In crazy chess the objective of the game is to defend your castle with your rook by capturing all the black pawns.

Type: Online flash game

Platforms: PC Windows/Mac

crazy chess game 82% Play

3 In One Checkers

With four difficulty levels and three game modes 3 In One Checkers is the most complete checkers game on the internet.

Play the standard game or the giveaway mode where you forcing your opponent into taking all your pieces.

Type: Online flash game

Platforms: PC Windows/Mac

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About Chess

64 squares make up a checkered black and white board which chess is played on. It's a cunning game of cat and mouse tactics where the most skilled of players will be thinking ten steps ahead of their opponent. Having the ability to suss out your opponent's strategy and way of thinking is crucial to achieving victory.

Each player starts out with 16 pieces each, a player's piece selection comprises of:

  • 1 x King
  • 1 x Queen
  • 2 x Rooks
  • 2 x Knights
  • 2 x Bishops
  • 8 x Pawns

The main objective of chess is to checkmate the opponent's King, whereby their king has defense against an immediate attack and your opponent cannot remove the King from harm within the next move.

Chess is actually a form of an old indian game known as Shatranj. We will be covering Shatranj shortly so please check back for more information of this authentic game of strategy.

In modern times computers have been created to develop chess strategies and theories as well as to play against the best players in the world. You can find some very good free chess games at out site to practice your chess skill on, all of which require no special software to run except adobe flash.

We recommend you check out Brain Games Chess, it's well worth a try as the game offers an excellent experience offline and can be played without the need of an internet connection.

Online Chess and Checkers

Playing chess and checkers over the internet has become extremely popular since the games have been developed. Many players are not aware that one of the first games to be programmed to the computer way back in the 1950's was the game of checkers. On Stroud Chess we have a variety of games available to play for fans of both.

Stroud's Chess game

The Stroud Chess game does exactly what it says on the tin. Players can take part in a game of top down 3D chess without any complications. You are given the option to play one of four difficulty levels; beginner, casual, advanced and guru, which you can progress through as your play advances. The title is also available to download and play offline with 'additional' features including 2D view and a help feature which will assist you with your moves which will help your play progress.

Flash Chess

For those players that just want to play a 'straightforward' game, flash chess is without a doubt one of the simplest games to try online. There are no gimmicks whatsoever; you just play against the computer until there is a conclusion. The only other 'feature' on offer is a list of both yours and the computers previous moves.

Brain Games Chess

For those gamers that enjoy being able to alter the specifications of their game down to the finest point, Brain Games chess will be the game for you. Players can choose to play a game where they can alter the specifications of the pieces, board and various other features. Alternatively, players can learn the ins and outs of the game from the comfort of their own home with various in game learning features.

It's programmed so well that after you have played a couple of games it evaluates your style of play and your ability against the computers and suggests one of the 12 levels of players that you should be playing against. These 12 different difficulties all have different playing styles and will really help you improve parts of your game for the better.

If you want to watch some of the best in the world, then you can select from over 3000 matches featuring the world's best players. This game offers everything a chess game should, therefore, is perfect for people new to chess, but also great for the expert gamer who wants to put their talents to the test.

Crazy Chess

For players that want to try something different, Crazy Chess may be the answer. Crazy chess offers gamers the chance to play a strategy board game that uses some of the basic elements of chess to create an interesting board game.

Your character is a knight and you have to control your knight to capture black pawns that move in sequence to try and reach the other side of the board. If they do reach the other side of the board 8 times then you lose a life, alternatively, if you are in a 'capturing' space then they can take your knight, which also counts as a lost life. Crazy Chess needs a quick thinking brain paired with basic chess knowledge; and if you have both of these then Crazy Chess will be the right game for you.

Free Checkers

The free checkers game offered on Stroud Chess is definitely one of the best online versions available. Not only does the game offer four different difficulty levels including; hard, good, normal and easy, but it also offers three different types of checkers games. The three games on offer are:

  • Standard - The standard game is just a simple game of 4x4 checkers.
  • Giveaway - Giveaway is a variation of checkers whereby your goal is to lose all of your pieces by forcing your opponent into taking your pieces. The last person with any of their pieces left is the loser.
  • Extreme - Extreme is a variation of checkers that is rarely played. The goal of extreme checkers is to play as quickly as you can against a pre-set level of computer, which will play at increasingly difficult speeds.

It's a terrific game for different types of checkers players. The four levels on offer allow gamers of different abilities to play three variations of the game, and for these reasons this game is one of the best available.

Free Draughts

The free draughts game offers simple drafts gaming for those experts that have nothing else to learn about the game. The layout of the game is simple, and puts you against the computer player that has three difficulty settings; easy, medium and hard. You can either play against the computer or against another human player depending on the settings you choose. Apart from the above, you can just play a game of drafts without any distractions.