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This chess game was provided by 2D Play.

About Crazy Chess

Playing chess may not be everybody's cup of tea, and while they may understand the concept and want to play, they may find it hard to grasp the game due to its tough strategies. In this guide, we will explore something a bit different, the of crazy chess game.

Crazy chess is a flash game available to play online. The objective of this funny take on chess is to defend your castle with your rook by capturing all the black pawns. If you do not capture the pawns and eight of them reach the end, then you lose a life, lose three lives and it is game over. If you capture more than one piece in a row, then you earn combo points. The game's objective is to progress to 'higher' levels and receive either a bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal.

Every game contains power ups that you can 'capture' to make the game easier. There is a selection of eight power ups available in every game, including:

  • Speed up Knight : Speeds up your knight to move quicker when you click.
  • Slow Down Pawns: Slows down the pawns, which takes them longer to get to the end.
  • Capture Nearby Pawns: Takes out all the pawns in the nearby area.
  • Capture All Pawns: Takes out all the pawns on the board.
  • Freeze Pawns: Temporally stops any of the pawns on the board.
  • Invisible Knight: Makes your night invisible.
  • Extra Life: Gives you an extra life.
  • Repair Castle: Resets the amount of damage to your castle.

To start the game, you need to place your knight on any space on the board. You can then move your knight in L shapes (like real chess) to try to capture the pawns, power up's or coins. If you get to the point where there are no pawns left then a coin will appear. Collecting coins will give you additional points. You also need to be aware of your knight's position at all times, as you can be captured by any pawns that can move one space diagonally right or left (like real chess). If this happens then you instantly lose a life. When you have captured the desired number of pawns as specified in the top right hand corner of the screen, you progress to the next level.

While this game may have little to do with chess it is a highly tactical game that requires just about as much brain power as chess.