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This checkers game was provided by Crazy Monkey Games.

Racing to the Checkered Flag

Since its first introduction in the early seventies as Draughts in England, the game checkers has been played and enjoyed by both novice and enthusiasts alike. But through out the decades, little innovation has been made in regards to the game's modernization, until now. While there are many online checkers games available, not many developers attempt modernizing this classic game. 3 in One Checkers provides players with not just the original, but added two versions of the game with an alternative way of playing. Simple and fun, the new take on this classic board game gives it new life and a modern twist.

Colored Pieces on the Board

The visuals in 3 in One Checkers are pretty much what anyone can expect in an online checkers game, simple. With its checkered board sporting white and green, while disc pieces are your standard white and red, everything looks like it should. Sadly, while the simple visuals do the job, adding some variety to the colors of the board and disc pieces would have made the game more appealing and modern. A great addition to the game would have be the ability to customize your own board and pieces with different colors and designs.

Do not talk, just concentrate

This pretty much says it all in regards to the 3 in One Checkers' audio. The sound of the pieces moving is the only thing players will hear as they strive to get their pieces crowned and eliminate all the opponent's pieces. While we do know people prefer silence while they are concentrating on their next move in games like Chess and checkers, it does not really hurt to at least provide some background music to the game. We are not asking for a full orchestrated sound track, rather just a simple and relaxing tune would suffice. Sadly, the game fell silent in the audio department. Do what we do and just open up your media player or put on your mp3 players to provide yourselves with your own music.

Moving Plastic Discs on a Checkered Surface

The new twist added to the game of Checkers is apparently where the all efforts of the developers went to. Coming up with two new ways to enjoy this classic board game while still maintaining it's tried and tested gameplay mechanics was no easy feat.

Like the name implies, 3 in One Checkers has three versions of the classic board game. The first being the original, where players go head-to-head - well in this case, the player plays head-to-CPU since the game is played online against a program with standard Checkers rules. For those new players out there, each player is provided with twelve pieces (in the form of disks) of his own color, in this case - white and red. All play is conducted on a checkered board (normally black and white), but here it is green and beige. Players play from opposite sides of the board and alternately move their pieces diagonally in a forward direction. Upon reaching the last rank of the board, pieces are "crowned" kings and may move both backwards and forwards diagonally - all Hail to the King. The object is to eliminate from play the opponent's pieces by "jumping" them. Other rules, such as force jumps; where players are forced to eliminate an opponent's piece once it is placed next diagonally to their own and is open to be "jumped". This is one key strategy in Checkers especially if you want to setup a series of jumps successively, which in turn not just eliminates a lot of your opponent's pieces but also the probability of moving your own piece closer to being crowned.

The second game mode in 3 in One Checkers is the Giveaway mode. Where in your goal is to force your opponent to eliminate your own piece. Whoever loses all their pieces first wins the game. This might sound easy at first, but as we played against the game's programming, it was not that simple. The game really know when and where to place their pieces, to the point that we had to eliminate them, even going as far as setting up a successive jump elimination that ended with our piece being crowned. This mode was really hard, but at the same time fun and challenging. We would even go as far as to say it is more fun than the original game with the standard set of rules. Giveaway mode in 3 in One Checkers is a great and new way to enjoy the game online. While this new twist to the game's rules is not necessarily new to checkers players playing the game in real life, it is still something most online checkers game does not have and is a great addition of the variety of modes in 3 in One checkers.

The third twist to the gaming rules of checkers in 3 in One Checkers is the Extreme mode. Players in extreme mode will need to move their pieces a fast as they can across the board. Turns are disregarded as you move your pieces to a position you think the computer is going to move their pieces to. Not only do you need prediction skills for this mode, players will need fast reflexes and hand-eye coordination since the computer's movement is the game is erratic and unpredictable. This mode is not really something you can do in real life since players would just look silly randomly moving their pieces forward with no regards to planning their steps and strategies. Still, playing it online against an AI opponent is pretty amusing; especially if successive jump eliminations are triggered without you even knowing it was going to happen.

The Last Piece on the Board

3 in One Checkers is definitely an online checkers game worth checking out. With its own twist on the classic board game, it provided us with hours of challenging fun. While there are shortcomings on the game's visual and audio presentation, the fun and addictive gameplay makes up for it. Still, the game could have used a two player mode, where players can play head-to-head - not just against a computer opponent. Hopefully, the developers make an updated version in the future. We recommended this game to both enthusiasts and novice checkers players, even to people who have not even played checkers. We crown 3 in One Checkers a score of 83/100.