Free Draughts Game Online

Free Draughts Game Online

Moving On, One Piece at a Time

Draughts or as other people calls it, Checkers. Has been a classic past time since ancient time. While some incarnation might not have the same rules and number of pieces in play, Draughts has always been a great game to spend with hours with friends. Two players face each other from both ends of the checkered board with twelve playing pieces provided to both players. The rule of the game is to jump over the other player's piece to remove them from the board, whoever has the remaining piece or pieces left on the board wins.

Red, White and Black

The sight of the game is pretty much what you would expect from playing Draughts or Checkers. The developers CI Design Inc have made a checkered board lined with twelve discs like pieces sporting opposing colors on both ends - in this case it is Red versus Black. The visuals in this game are a bit bland though; looking like it was done with a basic art program such as MS Paint. While we are not expecting a ground breaking visual presentation, it is still a bit disappointing to see so little effort was made in giving the game some visual appeal. Some options to at least change the color of the pieces or the board itself would go a long way in giving it a slight edge against other online checkers game. What got us baffled is that there are some graphical effects seen when the opposing player (black pieces) moves their pieces, some sort of shadow effect can be seen on the board, but none appears when we move our pieces. This got us to believe that the developers might have planned to integrate some visual effects but decided to just release the game in its incomplete stage. Hopefully, they patch the game to correct this so that the game looks consistent visually.

Silence is not Bliss

While we value ones quiet time, especially if they are thinking of strategies in Chess or Checkers in real life. Total silence while playing an online game, whether it is a mind game like Draughts is unacceptable. Its not like putting music in would distract the player or were they worried that the computer AI might lose its concentration making the game too easy. Where not asking for a whole soundtrack for the game, a simple mellow tune would suffice. While this is not a big deal, especially if we can just open media player on our PCs to play music while playing, it kind of makes the games feel less immersive. Sadly, the only sound that players will hear during their game is the sounds of the players' pieces hitting the virtual checkered board.

Play Flash Draughts

On the way to being crowned

For those looking for an free draughts game to play against the computer AI or against a friend then this game might be the one you are looking for. While it won't be like playing a master mathematician such as Marion Tinsley the game does offer a reasonable level of competition in one player mode.

Not many games offer the option to play against a friend, which we think is mainly due to the fact that people taking turns on the keyboard just to move their pieces is not exactly anyone's idea of fun. Still the option for two players to play head-to-head should be a requirement on these kinds of games since it is a game designed to be played with other people in the first place. While playing against others online would be the best way to go about with games like online chess and checkers, we can settle for just the two player option, which this game generously provided.

The game was designed to be played by all people who like checkers. Whether they are new players just starting to learn the game; experienced players looking to expand their strategic knowledge or experts looking for a worthy opponent. It provides three difficulty levels to suit all levels of players. Of course going against the highest difficulty will certainly result to a defeat for new players - we advise novices to start with the easy difficulty. Choosing easy is much better than losing in frustration just because your pride dictates you to choose the hard difficulty level. Everyone starts as a beginner, even us.

An option to turn off the force turn rule is also provided for players who want to play Draught differently. This option got us thinking to whether it is actually worthwhile to turn off the force turn, since turning if off would pretty much change the game and would turn it to something else. We can not see the point to this option because for people who want to play checkers plays it with the rules intact - do people play chess and start changing the rules of how the pieces move just for the fun of it? Still, we guess the option to turn off the force turn might make the game more fun for others, but we highly doubt it would make them better Draught players.

Another thing that kind of made Draughts a bit unique compared to others is the view. Most similar games we play had us moving the pieces upward, towards the opponent's side that is at the top. Even playing the game in real life players move their pieces forward, not sideways. But here its different, our side of the board is located on the left side of the screen while the opponent's side is on the right side. We really had a bit of trouble getting used to this since the perspective is a bit off especially for those who plays checkers in real life. The developers should have at least given the option to change the arrangement and perspective of the board.

The Last Piece Standing

At the end of the day, Draughts delivers what people wants, a challenging experience and an option to play their friends. While the game has a lot of things missing and some not too well implemented decisions when it came to the game's view, it is still a good virtual adaptation of a well loved board game. Despite its bland visuals and missing soundtrack, Draught still managed to keep us entertained thanks to its two player option. Checkers enthusiasts and novices should give this game a try to see if quenches their thirst for the good challenge, especially on the higher difficulty levels. We give it a score of - 80/100.

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