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Chess with a sense of humour ;)

"Chess" and "crazy". Not two words you would normally associate with one another. But guess what? It's actually a pretty good combination. Crazy Chess is an exciting, fast paced (you heard me) chess game that gives you an all new kind of board game challenge.

How does it work? Well putting it very simply, imagine a cross between chess and asteroids. Not the easiest thing to imagine but you'll see what I mean... A seemingly unstoppable wave of pawns are descending on your castle. But the little devils have sped up a bit! Your challenge is to navigate your way around the board as the lone defender protecting your castles. The game progresses in rounds of increasing difficulty until it's you against an army (quite literally!)

So what kind of chess piece would be perfect for taking out descending pawns as they try to swarm your castle? A queen? A rook? How about a knight? Yea that's right, you need to play this tricky little game with one of those awkward pieces you never know quite what to do with! Playing with a knight means you're always having to think a few steps a head which is what gives this game such an intriguing new challenge. It's not so much that the pawns are descending really quickly but that you've got to try and navigate your way around the board efficiently enough to do away with them.

This problematic scenario is aided by some nifty little powerups that will make life a tad easier for a short while (provided you can land on them on the board as well as kicking off the pawns at the same time!) They vary but all follow a very asteroid-esque theme such as allowing your knight to move faster, slowing down the waves of pawns or giving you a few extra lives. All of these are definite essentials if you're to stand any chance in a game as challenging as this.

One more thing...If the music does get a bit irritating you can switch it off in the menu options. Nothing like silence to aid concentration!